About Us

We here at YR media believe in excellence every step of the way. As a team, we aim to dazzle you with our smart work, determination and creative flair. Working with us, you are en route to your wildest dreams turning into reality. The YR media boasts young, fresh minds- all cream of the crop. Our secret ingredient to making our customers and clients happy is simple- to think like them, understand their vision and deliver quality services that go unmatched. Working with us, you’ll soon realize our aptitude for handling Digital marketing in Chennai, as well as keeping track of all the new trends that surface! Our digital marketing strategies are sure to knock your socks off- our original, one-of-a-kind ideas show exclusivity and whimsy, designed to wow you while putting your company in support. And that’s not all- apart from bringing uniquely developed solutions to the table that are tailor-made to suit your business needs, we also ensure you won’t burn a hole in your pocket by offering budget-friendly options for our services. So, whether your company has made it big, or starting small, come work with us, and watch as we propel you to greater heights.

Why choose us?

Here at YR Media, we are all about testing the limits of excellence, raising the bar for ourselves and our competition, as well as giving you your money’s worth for everything we create. Our flexibility and ability to gel our vision with yours sets us apart. Our dream is to take your ideas, build on them and bring it to life in spectacular ways. What you conceive, we achieve.

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Meet the team

Mr.Karthik Kumar J

Mr.Arunaachalam ARN

Mr.Bharathy Krishnan

Mr.Pranav Kumar Radhakrishnan
Head of Video Production

Mr.Vasanth Edwin
Senior Visual Designer

Graphic Designer

Mr.Vidhiya Prabaharan
Associate Social Media Manager

Mr.Dinesh Kumar
Social Media Manager

Mr.Mohammed Hanifa
Multimedia Designer

Content Writer Specialist

Cinematographer/ video editor

Mr.Sai Ajan
Graphic Designer

Ms.Ayshwarya Kamaraj
Junior Social Media Manager

Ms.Christy Merin Skariah
Junior Social Media Manager

Ms.Shameem Afroza
HR Specialist

Mr.Nishang Narayan
Content specialist

Graphic Designer

Ms.Gowri M
Junior SEO Specialist

Mr.Balaji Velan
Creative Designer

Mr.Arjun Jayakumar

Ms.Kalpana S

Ms.Tamilselvi V
Web developer

Mr.Santhosh S
Graphic Designer

Seo Specialist

Ms.Apoorva Junnuri
Head of HR


Ms. Deepshika Parthasarathy
Content Writer

Ms. Meghana Navin
UX / UI Designer

Mr. Vishal Sunil Kumar
UX / UI Designer

Ms. Anju Dhoka